Program Labtechnology 2017 (provisional)

Day 1     Complementary or specific?

   Analytical technologies in chemical land biotech industry world

Every day there are two different key-notes (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) after wich there are several parallelsessions to attend with various topics. The topcis are divided as followed:  

(bio) analytical program

        State-of-the-art- analysis in chemistry, materials research, food & nutrition and life sciences

        Recent technological developments: What can we expect, and why?

        New hunting grounds for existing analytical technologies

        Extreme analytical challenges: To the limits and beyond

      Provisional key-note subjects are:

      Mass Spectrometry: moving from small to large molecules?


Dag 2     Analytics, automation and Single Use technologies

              R&D, Process Development and (GMP) Manufacturing

The Single Use Event also has two key-notes with a congress part. Also several parallelsessions will take place this day with various topics. The topics are divided as followed: 

Continuous manufacturing program, Lab of the future

        Automation: from lab up to (GMP) manufacturing

        Data management: from lab up to (GMP) manufacturing

        Single Use technologies: The solution for safety, time reduction and cost reduction

        Single Use USP (Upstream Process Development) and DSP (Downstream Process Development)

        Analytics in Single Use bioprocessing

        Data management

        QbD (Quality by Design)

        Flexible / Multiproduct facilities

      Provional key-note subjects are:

      Automation in Single-Use USP and DSP, a feasible solution for Biosimilar production?