De vakbeurzen Labtechnology en Single Use Event en het congres omvatten een breed spectrum aan kennis- en toepassingsgebieden. Elke congres dag heeft haar eigen thema. Per dag zijn er twee key-notes en hier omheen diverse sessies met sprekers over een specifiek onderwerp uit de (analytische) chemie en biotechnologie/life sciences.


Labtechnology program 2017 

Day 1     Complementary or specific?

               Analytical technologies in chemical land biotech industry world

Key-notes:  Prof. dr. Thomas Hankemeier Mass Spectrometry: moving from small to large molecules?
2nd key-note to be announced soon

Preliminary program 

  • The use of extractables data from SUS components for risk assessment
  • Automation in Single Use
  • Separation methods in Polymers
  • New levels in speed and robustness in MALDI MS for demanding applications
  • Tissue imaging and high-throughput screening for Drug Discovery
  • Fast and accurate identification of Good, Bad, and Ugly micro organisms during quality control of biological processes.
  • Activity-based Biomarkers for Precision Medicine

(bio) analytical program

  • State-of-the-art- analysis in chemistry, materials research, food & nutrition and life sciences
  • Recent technological developments: What can we expect, and why?
  • New hunting grounds for existing analytical technologies
  • Extreme analytical challenges: To the limits and beyond


Day 2     Analytics, automation and Single Use technologies

                R&D, Proces Development and (GMP) Manufacturing

Key-notes: Dr. Andreas Herrmann Automation in Single-Use USP and DSP, a feasible solution for Biosimilar production?
2nd key-note to be announced soon

Preliminary program

  • Session organized by NBV Working Party CFT
  • Ultra High Throughput Systeem (uHTS)
  • Data Management
  • Automated Online Monitoring and QC using QTOF Mass Spectrometry
  • Fermentation, sustainable competition for chemical industry?

Continuous manufacturing program, Lab of the future

  • Automation: from lab up to (GMP) manufacturing
  • Data management: from lab up to (GMP) manufacturing
  • Single Use technologies: The solution for safety, time reduction and cost reduction
  • Single Use USP (Upstream Process Development) and DSP (Downstream Process Development)
  • Analytics in Single Use bioprocessing
  • Data management
  • QbD (Quality by Design)
  • Flexible / Multiproduct facilities