• 11:30-11:55
  • Zaal 3

Bacterial Endotoxin Testing with Microfluidic Automation

  • Giovanni di Martino
  • Veolia Water technologies & Solutions

Automation using a centripetal microfluidic platform is the simplest form of BET automation available to the market today. It leverages a network of microchannels to direct and mix fluids to automate endotoxin assays. This is achieved within a small, compact microplate that is analyzed using an incubating benchtop spectrophotometer similar in size and function to absorbance microplate readers used for traditional LAL assays.
In centripetal microfluidic automation of BET assays, microfluidic liquid handling facilitates accurate and rapid dispersion of BET reagents and samples with drastically reduced volumes of sample and LAL. This is achieved using microfluidic channels, metering chambers, and centripetal force as the microplate spins to control and automate all liquid measurement, flow, and mixing in preparation for analysis. The microfluidic system enables users to carry out the same biochemistry that is performed in traditional 96-well plate assays but with minimal manual effort, greater consistency, and reduced reagent consumption.