dr. Koos Oosterhaven

FACT facts: developing the Food Application Centre for Technology at the University for Applied Sciences in Leeuwarden for the food industry

There is a need for well trained and educated food technologist, food engineers and product developers in the Northern part of the Netherlands. Together with industrial partners, the Province of Friesland, and MBO-life Sciences, The University for Applied Sciences has taken up the opportunity to invest in pilot facilities and food processing equipment in a food grade environment. Currently the food processing hall is being upgraded and the investments are carefully reviewed with the participating parties. As the dairy industries are important for the Northern part of the Netherlands, the focus will initially be on new dairy processing equipment, including membrane separation as well as sauce processing devices. MBO-life sciences will invest in pilot equipment for automation and robotisation. In the second phase the collaboration with bakery, meat and confectionary will lead to investments in appropriate and dedicated equipment.

The goal of the FACT is to become a Centre in which companies will be able and facilitated to innovate in process and product, using easily accessible, state of the art equipment, having access to expertise of professors and (future) staff. The FACT will be part of an ecosystem of industries and other parties, such as the ZAP (Zernicke Advanced Processing), to assist companies in innovation, life-long learning for their employees, and to provide well trained new staff to ensure the growth of the food industries in the Northern part of the Netherlands.

In the presentation the background, development and progress of the FACT, with its partners, as well as the type of practical company-oriented research that will be performed will be highlighted with concrete examples.

About Dr. J. (Koos) Oosterhaven

Koos studied Agriculture at the University for Applied Research in Leeuwarden (1984), and Biology at the University of Groningen (1989). He obtained his PhD at Wageningen University and Research Centre in 1995 and was Business unit manager Food Technology until 2005. He moved to the contract research company NIZO food research and was in his role of Business manager responsible for the sales team and part of the management team (until 2016). In his current role Koos is manager FACT, the Food Application Centre for Technology at the University for Applied Research in Leeuwarden.