Prof. dr. Thomas Hankemeier

Metabolomics and organ-on-chip technologies for personalized medicine

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About professor Hankemeier

Thomas Hankemeier is full professor and head of the Division for Analytical Biosciences at the LACDR, Leiden University, since 2004. His research is aiming at innovative analytical tools for metabolomics-driven systems biology in personalized health strategies. In recent years he developed tools to detect, quantify and identify as many as possible metabolites in mammalian biofluids, tissues and cells. His research aims at improving sample preparation and multi-dimensional chromatographic and electro-driven separation methods, improving the interfacing to mass spectrometry, miniaturizing analytical methods using micro/nano-technology and developing methods for the identification of metabolites. In collaboration with clinicians, biomedical researchers, biostatisticians and other –omics researchers he works on better (early) diagnosis and interventions for (cardio)vascular and metabolic diseases and neurological diseases. He is the Scientific Director of the Netherlands Metabolomics Centre. He is co-founder of  MIMETAS, the worldwide first organ-on-a-chip company.