This is Lab Technology

The increasing demand for lab-related solutions in response to current transitions requires speed, flexibility and greater safety. On the way to laboratory technology 2.0, illuminating, discussing and showing lab-related (partial) solutions is essential. Lab Technology is therefore the platform where the lab and tech world meet to realize this together.

Lab Technology brings researchers and professionals working in and around the lab together to work faster, more flexibly and more safely; together on the way to Lab Technology 2.0! These themes took centre stage at Lab Technology 2023:

  • Product safety
  • Data security
  • High through pit
  • Sensitivity
  • Automation/robotization
  • Sustainable practice
  • Safety

Meet the Lab Technology 2023 keynote speakers

Loes Segerink

Universiteit Twente

Marcel de Puit

NFI / TUDelft

Gert-Jan Gruter

University of Amsterdam

Wolfgang Radke

PSS-Now Part of Agilent
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Lab Technology and Food Technology trade fair: optimal synergy

Lab Technology is organized at the same time as the Food Technology trade fair. This combination ensures optimal synergy. This is because the food industry is currently also making major strides in the development of new ways of producing food in which laboratory technology plays an important role. Think of the protein transition, but also in the field of food safety and/or making food healthier. So you can visit both Lab Technology and Food Technology on both days and you are quickly and efficiently informed of the latest developments.

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Food technology



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