• 15:35-16:00
  • Zaal 1

Engineering of cutainases to enable surface hydrolysis and characterization of polyester copolymer

  • Eman Abdelraheem
  • University of Amsterdam

Copolymers have varying features which determine the physical and other intrinsic properties of the polymer, such as monomer sequence and end-groups. The Mwt of synthetic copolymers is a major obstacle to their characterization and current analytical technologies can only give limited information on how chemical-composition distributions within a macromolecular structure correlate with the final properties of the material. Therefore, an in-depth analysis of the polymer microstructure is needed.
Herein, we discuss the development of degrading enzymes as analytical tools for the characterization of copolymers. The depolymerization reactions were studied using model homo- and co-polyester polymers. The process was analyzed using LC, LC-MS, SEC-MS to get a deeper understanding of the chemical composition distribution of our co-polyester polymers.