Labtechnology program 2017 

Day 1 – 3 oktober –  Complementary or specific?
Analytical technologies in chemistry and the biotech industry

Prof. dr. Thomas Hankemeierhead of the Division for Analytical Biosciences at the LACDR
Mass Spectrometry: moving from small to large molecules?

dr. Denise JacobsDSM
Analysis in biotech industry – from quality control to innovation and new technologies

Parallel Sessions
> Session organized by SAC DSP
> Session organized by Checkmark: Labmanagers
> Session organized by KNCV

Day 2 – 4 oktober – Analytics, automation and Single Use technologies
R&D, Proces Development and (GMP) Manufacturing

Dr. Andreas Herrmannfounder of Probiocon 
New biological entities, biosimilars, biobetters and the latest technologies applied for efficient bioprocessing in Upstream and Downstream of these entities
David ValentineLonza
Disposables are Not Something to Throw Away (Why Single-Use Is Here to Stay!)

Parallel Sessions
> Session organized by NBV Working Party CFT

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