/  - 12:00 – 12:30 Raquel da Cruz Barros, Sentron
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12:00 – 12:30 Raquel da Cruz Barros, Sentron

Sensors for ions detection

In the world of high tech, a bright future is expected for sensors. Sentron is producing solid state pH based ISFET sensors superior to conventional glass electrodes. CHEMFET’s, ISFET pH sensor chips equipped with an ion selective membrane layer, are also being produced. The ISFET base provides direct amplification of the surface potential, therefore, in contrast to ISE’s (Ion Selective Electrodes), CHEMFET’s don’t suffer from a strong noise increase upon miniaturization. Our membrane mix allows to analyse a wide range of ions such as, sodium, potassium, nitrate, calcium, chlorine, etc. The small size (0.8mm x 1.7mm) and chip format (SOI, silicon on isolator) of the sensors allow to be used in an array format. These characteristics associated with their fast response (1-2 seconds) make them excellent measurement tools. The sensors are being developed towards their use in aqueous solutions as well as biological fluids (urine and blood).

About Raquel da Cruz Barros

Raquel Barros was born in Portugal in 1985. She obtained her BSc in biochemistry at University of Porto, that included an internship in organic chemistry at University of Barcelona. After, she obtained a MSc in biomedical engineering at the University of Porto. In 2011 she started her PhD in medical sciences at the biomedical engineering department in the University of Groningen. Her project was an European grant whose partners included university, companies and a medical center, which made Raquel a product development driven professional. In 2016 she started as a R&D engineer at Wellinq, developing sensors with direct impact in improving life quality.