/  - 11:30 – 12:00 – John Hageman, Avans+
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11:30 – 12:00 – John Hageman, Avans+

Under construction: The Future Analyst

– Trends in developing laboratory staff

Modern laboratories are facing big challenges. Automation, scale expansion, stricter customer requirements and regulations change the nature of the work of analysts. And moreover at an ever increasing rate. Techniques are becoming more and more black box and measurements shift from the laboratory to production (in-line). The added value of analysts is changing from performing measurements to evaluating results and processes. That requires other knowledge and skills.

How to keep your people up-to-date and motivated in such a dynamic environment?

In this lecture we will formulate an answer to that question.

The changes within laboratories are placed next to the changes in the way people develop themselves. In this respect, the laboratory world can learn a lot from branches, which are already a step ahead. This concerns (new) learning styles, knowledge vs. (personal) skills, new forms of training such as e-learning and social learning and how and when to use those.

In the end, we will explore how we can assist modern analysts in their development, so that they can continue to excel in their important work. And with pleasure.

About John Hageman

John Hageman has been teaching laboratory staff for 25 years. After lecturing at the Avans University of Applied Sciences, he is currently engaged as training manager at Avans+, Improving Professionals. Here, he develops trainings and courses, both theoretical and practical, both standard and tailor-made. In some of them he serves as the teacher himself.