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Corine Houtman – The Water Laboratory – click for more info

High Throughput Effect-Directed Analysis – Bioassays and effect-directed analysis to investigate bioactive compounds in water samples.

Our modern society uses thousands of different organic compounds that end up in the water cycle. This is worrying, as these compounds might adversely affect public (via drinking water) and ecosystem health. Proper monitoring of chemical water quality is extremely challenging due to the large variety of compounds that should be analysed and due to the presence of biologically active compounds with unknown chemical identity. To overcome this difficulty, the Water Laboratory uses a panel of CALUX reporter gene assays to assess the presence of compounds with steroid-hormone agonistic or antagonistic activities and compounds causing oxidative stress, genotoxicity or cytotoxicity.

In addition, a novel high throughput Effect-Directed Analysis platform (HT-EDA) has been developed that combines liquid chromatography (LC) with high resolution fractionation (i.e. time intervals of a few seconds), high resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS) and parallel bioassay detection. Matching retention times and peak shapes of bioactivity (the so-called bioassay-chromatogram) found with data from the parallel MS measurements allow rapid pinpointing of accurate masses corresponding to the responsible compounds.
This presentation discusses applications of the bioassay panel and the HT-EDA platform to various water samples.

About Corine Houtman
Corine Houtman works as a Toxicologist at The Water Laboratory in Haarlem, the Netherlands. Her work is devoted to the investigation of the presence and toxicology of contaminants in the aquatic environment and to the management of the Water Laboratories own research program. She also is a consultant for the drinking water companies with respect to chemical water safety issues.

She has a MSc in environmental chemistry and toxicology (Leiden University) and a PhD on effect-directed analysis of endocrine disruptors in the aquatic environment (2007, VU University Amsterdam). During the PhD, she obtained the national and European registration as Toxicologist (ERT). After having worked as project leader at BioDetection Systems and as a toxicologist at the Netherlands Forensic Institute, she has worked at the Water Laboratory for ten years now. Her main fields of interest are emerging contaminants in water, bioassays, effect-directed analysis and risk assessment of chemicals.

Corine J. Houtman1, K. Brewster1, R. ten Broek1, D. Kloes1, M. Rosielle1, P. Behnisch2, M.H. Lamoree3

1The Water Laboratory, P.O. Box 734, 2300 RS Haarlem, The Netherlands
2BioDetection Systems B.V., Science Park 406, 1098 XH Amsterdam, The Netherlands
3 VU University Amsterdam, Faculty of Science, Department of Environment and Health
E-mail: corine.houtman@hetwaterlaboratorium.nl

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