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David Jacob, Cordouan Technologies Pessac / Prolyse

VASCO Kin: an advanced Nanoparticle size analyzer for In situ Time Resolved process monitoring and high resolution synthesis kinetic study

For about three decades Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) has proven to be as a very efficient and powerful technique to characterize Nanoparticle size distribution in Liquids. Indeed, based on the measurement of scattered intensity fluctuations due to the Brownian motion of particles, DLS can estimate in a simple manner and in just few minutes the particle size distribution with a reasonable accuracy from 1 nm to 10µm range. For the last twenty years, the progress of lasers sources, detectors and computers has enabled to reduce the size, the price, improve the performances of DLS instruments significantly, leading to the wide spreading of the technique in research labs as a complementary tools to more costly alternative techniques such as SAXS and TEM. Despite these progress, today the use of DLS systems is still confined in the labs. Indeed the necessity to batch the sample in a dedicated cuvette, the measurement time  and the relative complexity of data interpretation and handling is a major hurdle to use the technique for process monitoring and in situ measurements. A change of Paradigm is necessary: “If you cannot bring the sample to the measurement, you need to bring the measurement to the sample!”

With that idea in mind, CORDOUAN has recently developed a new generation of  advanced DLS systems making use of innovative optical fiber remote probe and time resolved correlation enabling in situ and real time monitoring of size kinetics and process control. The purpose of that talk is to introduce you the latest developments achieved in that field on some applications of these new device named VASCO Flex and VASCO Kin.

About David Jacob

David Jacob (49) holds a doctorate in lasers physics from the University of Rennes (1995) and a diploma in aeronautics (ENSAE 1991). David Jacob is Technical Director of Cordouan Technologies (Pessac, 33). He has over 20 years of industry experience in the design and industrialization of optoelectronic systems; Since 2007 he has been in charge of the development and industrialization activities of the products of physico-chemical analysis marketed by Cordouan technologies . Cordouan is a SME company specialized in the design, manufacture and marketing of innovative instruments dedicated to the physico-chemical characterization (size, load, shape) of nanoparticles and nano-materials for fundamental research laboratories and industrial applications And optimization of online production processes, quality control, R & D). David Jacob represents Cordouan Technologies on two AFNOR standardization committees at the national level (AFNOR / X457 Nanotechnologies commission) and internationally (ISO / TC 24 / SC 4 & ISO / TC 229). He is also a member of the Nanometrology club.