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Denise Jacobs, DSM

Analysis in biotech industry – from quality control to innovation and new technologies

DSM produces a wide variety of biotechnological products, such as enzymes, cultures, vitamins and cell extracts. Within DSM, analysis is a key competence to provide molecular insight. Both structural identification of molecules and quantification play an important role. In this presentation, it will be shown how analysis contributes to the successes of biotech projects and businesses. Next to that, it will be shared how analysis is involved in maturing new analytical technologies via internal activities and external collaborations.

By showing examples of analytical cases, it will become clear (i) how analysis plays an important role in the decision making process of innovation projects, (ii) how R&D is involved in product support and quality control, and (iii) why it is indispensable to integrate all available expertise in diverse teams. The examples will cover a variety of biomolecules and a broad range of analytical techniques used for separation (LC/GC), identification and quantification (UV/MS/NMR), kinetic measurements (UV-VIS spectroscopy/calorimetry), and localization (microscopy).

The bioactive products from the DSM portfolio, such as enzymes and cultures, are a special class with respect to analytics, as they require time resolved measurements to understand their mode of action. Special emphasis will be on analytical aspects to resolve enzyme structure, kinetics and structure-function relation.

Smart combinations of analytical technologies combined with advanced data analysis and interpretation allow for new insights in the molecular basis of food and bio-based applications. These essential developments will enable new science-based and sustainable solutions.

About Denise Jacobs

2016-nu: senior scientist analytische biochemie, DSM
2014-nu: penningmeester Nederlandse Biotechnologische Vereniging (NBV)
2004-2016: diverse functies binnen DSM
1998-2003: promotie in de proteomics, LACDR, Universiteit Leiden
1991-1997: studie bioprocestechnologie, WUR