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State-of-the-art microscopy techniques for the imaging of living cells

About Dr. Hugo Snippert
Dr. Hugo Snippert is Group Leader at the department of Molecular Cancer Research within the Center of Molecular Medicine at the University Medical Center Utrecht. Hugo received his PhD (cum laude) in the lab of Hans Clevers (Hubrecht Institute). He initiated his own research line in the MCR department of the UMC Utrecht to understand heterogeneity in (stem) cell behavior during tumor formation and cancer progression. In 2016, he became group leader in the MCR department, where his group exploits the unique combination of I) primary human cancer samples (tumor organoids), II) molecular genetics to engineer and manipulate human cancers and III) real-time imaging to monitor and quantify cellular behavior to study phenotypic heterogeneity between cancer cells, with the long term goal to understand and prevent therapy resistance in cancer.