12:00 / 12:30 - Dr. Tom Vercammen – Interscience – click for more info
Zaal: Congreszaal B 

Dr. Tom Vercammen – Interscience – click for more info

Recent innovations in automated sample preparation

Automation is a very effective way to increase a lab’s productivity and competitiveness. Moreover, transferring repetitive activities and handling of corrosive or even toxic chemicals to a robot, improves health and safety conditions significantly. Lab technicians can devote their time to other and more rewarding tasks.

Unfortunately, bringing an automation project to a successful end is not an easy task and quite often a completely new endeavor for an analytical lab. In addition, automatization projects are often high-profile undertakings with both internal & external clients taking a special interest.

In this talk we will present a strategy to achieve your automation goals, making sure lab management expectations are met without taking unnecessary risks. Real life examples for automating cumbersome and lengthy sample prep in an analytical laboratory will be given as illustration of these principles, showing that automation is a lot more than just installing an autosampler.

About Tom Vercammen
Dr. Vercammen is head of the Laboratory Automation department at SampleQ and has a strong background in chromatography (LC & GC), mass spectrometry & sample prep. He is managing a team of specialists with the focus on development, sales and support of specialized automation solutions that are sold worldwide. These solutions range from collaborative robots (cobots) and offline stand-alone workbenches to fully integrated LC- & GCMS workstations. Dr. Vercammen strongly believes laboratories can profit from the new and exciting developments in automation without taking unnecessary risks. Indeed the cost of a bad investment decision is more than financial. He feels the secret to success is the unique combination of innovation, smart sample management and the reassurance of tested & proven automation concepts.