/  - 12:00 – 12:30 – Guy Matthews, Parker Domnick hunter
Kies Zaal 

12:00 – 12:30 – Guy Matthews, Parker Domnick hunter

Automation in Single Use

By combining single use automation and a thorough understanding of the materials of construction, I will demonstrate how Parker domnick hunter have built an automated pack off system for the shipping of bulk product. I will discuss the benefits of this solution from a process quality, standardisation and cost point of view.

I will go on to further discuss the importance of the selection the materials of construction. Looking at how materials perform throughout the supply chain, not just at the point of fill. There will be a focus on one part of the assembly, namely the bottle cap. I will discuss the importance of understanding how materials behave at different temperatures and how this can impact bottle sealing.

By the application of single use automation and the correct selection of materials for this process I will show how it has been possible to create a solution that ensures the product integrity during the shipping process.

About Guy Matthews

Guy is the Life Sciences Market Development Manager for Parker domnick hunter, based at their manufactruing site in Birtley, UK. A microbiologist by training Guy has spent all of his 20+ year career working in the biotechnology industry. He started out as a microbiologist at a well known CMO in the UK before moving into more commercial roles. Guy has worked for a several of organisations during his career implementatiing both upstream and down stream solutions, always with a focus on single use.