/  - 12:00 – 12:30 – Maarten van Dongen, LabforRent B.V – click for more info
Kies Zaal 

12:00 – 12:30 – Maarten van Dongen, LabforRent B.V – click for more info

Facility sharing to empower innovation!

‘Facility sharing’ is the sharing of laboratories, equipment, expertise and data. Facility sharing provides opportunities for additional research which may not be possible in your own laboratory. It may even allow you to do research without owning a laboratory. And of course, to share your own lab space and amenities with third parties. Maarten van Dongen of LabForRent B.V. addresses the chances and possibilities and challenges related to Facility sharing. He will take you to the results of a national survey on Facility sharing that LabForRent has conducted. Finally, he explains why LabForRent strongly advocates the setting up of a nationwide platform for Facility sharing.

About Maarten van Dongen

Maarten van Dongen obtained his MSc in Microbiology at Groningen University and a PhD in Biochemistry at Amsterdam University. He has spent over a decade as an R&D Project manager at Solvay Pharma and as a Managing Director of Pharming Oy in Finland and Pharming NV in Flanders. Since 1998 Maarten is consulting in the domain of Life Sciences and Innovation. Gradually his interest has shifted from consulting  to Life Sciences entrepreneurship. In 2015 he was the co-founder of LabForRent BV, an efficient online marketplace for lab space and research infrastructure. In 2016 he initiated the development of a new Information platform in the domain of Antimicrobials Resistance.