/  - 11:30 – 12:00 – Marco Koppe, Pall Life Science
Kies Zaal 

Pall Biotech Guide to Cell Harvesting

Rapid Process Development with Optimal Single-Use Platform Solutions for mAb

The key to the success of continuous bioprocessing is the availability of novel
upstream and downstream technologies that will not only reduce facility footprint,
capital expenses, and product cost of goods, but will also increase process
productivity, flexibility, and further facilitate the utilization of single-use and/or
disposable technologies.
Pall has the expertise of three harvesting technologies. To shorten time for technology
selection, the Pall Harvesting Technology Guide provides a quick orientation about what is
the fitting harvesting technology for the manufacturer’s range of mAb processes. It leads to
the right technology and explains the features and benefits.
You will learn about the StaxTM mAx and Cadence System, where Pall has engineered the
essential steps to allow (Continuous) Biomanufacturing to become a reality.

• Acoustic Wave Separation
– A Scalable Disruptive Technology for Continuous Clarification of Fed Batch Cell
Culture Prior to Capture Chromatography
• The Stax™ mAx Clarification Platform
– Enhancing the platform for single mAb optimization
• The Stax CF Cake Filtration Technology

About Marco Koppe

Marco Koppe, Global SLS Leader Clarification at Pall Corporation, starts
working with the Pall products in 2001. First at the Dutch distributor, followed at
Pall when it went directly to the Dutch market.
As a member of Pall Biopharm Scientific Laboratory Services (SLS) team, he
plays an important role in maintaining existing business and supporting new
growth opportunities to a critical customer base. SLS proactively supports both internal and
external customers as they face the many challenges of bringing a drug product through the
life cycle and regulatory process. His responsibility is developing clarification processes at
(key) customers with the Pall products and involvements at (A)R&D on developing new