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Pieter Vos

NIR product Controlling in Food Fraud 

Food Fraud is one of the items that becomes a topic more and more. To avoid incidence and structural isue’s about this, Certification bodies has developed criteria. Some of the criteria are related to transport and country of origin, but the most important ones are groups of products. Major groups are the Vegetable oils&fats, honey, coffee, herbs&spices and fruit juices. NIR can be play an important role in detecting food fraud.

About Pieter Bos
Pieter Vos is a director of Nutrilab. Nutrilab bv is a testing laboratory in the Agri&Food industry with a lot of international experience in testing products for export and import. As a testing laboratory in food and feed ingredients, grain, rice, maize, soy, vegetable oil, cotton and a lot of finished products, Nutrilab bv exist over more than 60 years. A broad spectrum of analyses as nutritive value, heavy metals, pesticides, mycotoxines, mycrobiology and allergens are within the scope of the laboratory. Nutrilab bv developed NIR methods for fast and cheap testing products. As a member of the EU, the Netherlands has the EU food safety standards of the EFSA.