/  - Prof. Dr. Giovanni Maglia

Prof. Dr. Giovanni Maglia

Nanopores as sensors for portable peptide mass-spectrometry and next-generation wearable devices

Nanopores are emerging as a new category of sensors for the recognition and sequencing of biopolymers at the single-molecule level. One of the advantages of nanopore analysis is that the output ionic signal can be easily interfaced with electronic devices.
We have shown show that nanopores can be engineered to detect bio-molecules directly from biological fluids, which makes this approach amenable for integration with wearable devices. We also showed that nanopores can be engineered to identify the mass of peptides, which will allow the fabrication of a portable mass spectrometer for single-molecule peptide and protein sequencing.

Prof. dr. Maglia is an Associate Professor in Chemical Biology Groningen Biomolecular Sciences and Biotechnology Institute.