13:30 / 14:00 - Prof. dr. Maarten Honing – UNIMAAS – click for more info
Kies Zaal 

Prof. dr. Maarten Honing – UNIMAAS – click for more info

Time- and molecular structure resolved reaction monitoring in Flow: The potentials of Ion Mobility- and Mass Spectrometry Approaches

In this presentation, recent results on the application of novel ionization technologies, and Ion Mobility Spectrometry combined with MS or MS/MS methodologies will be presented. Its potentials will be discussed using different “stereo-selective” chemical conversions in flow, and attention will be given to the detection of low abundant “synthesis byproducts” lacking chromophores hampering spectroscopic detection.

About Prof. dr. M. Honing
Prof. dr. M. Honing received his PhD at the VU University in Amsterdam in 1995, dealing with the investigation of ionization processes in hyphenated mass spectrometry. After > 25 managing Analytical Sciences applied in clinical chemistry, pharmaceutical & chemical industry, in 2017 he was appointed full professor “Analytics in System Imaging” at the University Maastricht . His research deals with the design, development and application of advanced IMS and MS/MS technologies, hyphenated to uFluidics technologies (Flow-Chemistry & Organ-on-the-Chip) for the structure resolved monitoring of a large variety of molecules.

Last year, there appeared a short interview with Maarten Honing, which you can read here.