10:30 / 11:15 - Rosanne Hertzberger – writer, scientist, microbiologist – click for more info
Zaal: Congreszaal A 

Rosanne Hertzberger – writer, scientist, microbiologist – click for more info

The value of science

Rosanne Hertzberger will be opening Labtechnology as our first keynote speaker. She will talk about how the replication crisis in science seems to run deeper than previously thought. It is not only confined to “softer” science such as social psychology, she says, but also affects preclinical cancer biology and possibly neuroscience too. At the same time general trust in science from the public remains at a high level. We trust scientists more than we trust our politicians, journalists and judges. Is this trust still justified? Or does science need a radical makeover?

About Rosanne Hertzberger
Rosanne Hertzberger is a scientist, writer, columnist at NRC, and microbiologist. She received her PhD at University of Amsterdam/NIZO Food Research; dissertation: “Encounters with oxygen: aerobic physiology and H2O2 production of Lactobacillus johnsonii”, and postdoctoral project in the Lewis Lab, Centre for Women’s Infectious Disease Research on the role of vaginal microbiota in health and disease. Author of two books called Ode aan de E-nummers and her new Het grote niets.

At C2W-magazine, a book review of Ode aan de E-nummers appeared. You can read it here.