15:00 – 15:30 – Dennis van den Heuvel, Shimadzu

Flexible automated sample pretreatment for (clinical) LC-MS/MS and quantitative detection of monoclonal antibodies

The first part of the presentation will cover our CLAM-2000 system, the first and most flexible sample pretreatment module for (clinical) LC-MS/MS. One of the trends in clinical and private lab’s is the switch from immunoassay to LC-MS/MS. With this trend more sample prepration is needed. To eliminate the human error and the difference of pretreatment results between samples the CLAM-2000 is developed. Sample in – result out.

The second part of the presentation will cover the nSMOL technology for quantitative detection of monoclonal antibodies. There are several ways to analyse monoclonal antibodies, intact or the surrogate peptide approach. With this second approach the total  mAb will be digested with for example trypsin. Which results in high background signals in the LC-MS/MS system and a lot of tryptic peptides are detected which are not specific for the mAb. With nSMOL technology only the Fab part of the antibody is digested, which results in lower background signals and higher detection limits.

About Dennis van den Heuvel

Dennis van den heuvel started at the Shimadzu Benelux company in 2015. as a support specialist for LC-MS/MS with the focus on the clinical chemistry. After working several years with LC-MS/MS in the clinical and pharmaceutical laboratory he now is a support specialist for LC-MS/MS with the focus on the clinical chemistry. Here he supports the start-up of LC-MS/MS systems at the customers site and developes new applications together with his European colleagues for CLAM-2000 and LC-MS/MS systems.