12:00 / 12:30 - Simon Nelms – Thermo Fisher Scientific – click for more info
Zaal: Congreszaal A 

Simon Nelms – Thermo Fisher Scientific – click for more info

Strategies for improving and advancing ICP-OES analysis

ICP-OES is an established technique for routine elemental analysis in a wide variety of samples. It has a reputation for being generally robust, but there are some sample types, such as brine, metal alloy digests and heavy organic matrices, which require instrument and sample introduction adaptions to be made in order for good quality, reliable measurements to be achieved. With standard ICP-OES configurations and sample introduction components, these types of samples cause drift and sensitivity loss, as well as leading to increased maintenance of the instrument.
In this presentation, the range of hardware adaptions that are available for further enhancing ICP-OES robustness and sensitivity will be reviewed and data will be presented for selected applications to demonstrate the performance improvements that these adaptions provide.

About Simon Nelms
is Regional Marketing Manager at Thermo Fischer Scientific for AA, ICP and ICP-MS instrumentation, with more than 20 years commercial (applications and marketing) experience in this field. He’s responsible for establishing regional marketing campaigns in EMEA, communicating between the regional sales teams and manufacturing sites and working with colleagues across multiple divisions/product lines.